Are you eligible for government funding?

Below are a number of state and federal government funded programs which are designed to assist with the costs of changing to more environmentally friendly products.

Now both residential and business are eligible for funding, if you are unsure if you qualify please contact the team at Prestige Lighting and we will be more than happy to explain the programs and advise exactly what you will receive.

State Government Rebates


NSW Energy Savings Scheme

The Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) is a NSW State Government initiative designed to reduce the consumption of electricity by providing financial incentives to households and businesses who improve their energy efficiency by installing, upgrading or replacing energy saving products.

LED Lighting is an integral part of the ESS, and we are proud to advise that our range of MR16/GU10 down lights, T8 Tubes and High bay lights have been or approved for use under the program.

NSW Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program

The Energy Efficiency for small business program is available to businesses that use up to approximately $20,000 in electricity a year or have up to about 10 fulltime employees.


Victorian Energy Efficency Target (Veet)

The VEET is a Victorian State Government imitative which is designed to make energy efficiency improvements more affordable for both households and businesses alike.

By the installation, upgrade or replacement of appliances with approved energy efficient products, accredited businesses can offer price reductions to assist with the overall costs involved in the changeover.

Our range of MR16/GU10 LED down lights, T8 LED Tube lights, LED High bay lights have now been approved for use under this program.


Please contact the team at Prestige Lighting on 1300-543-573 to discuss Federal Rebates / Grants.